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Every Student should have one intuitive aim: self-development

Registration – KIET CODERS

KIET Coders forum is open to all KIETians who are interested in coding, irrespective of Branch and Level (Diploma, UG and PG)

“why should I be a programmer?”

  • Creative expression – being a programmer allows you to express yourself creatively. Sure, it’s a highly logical field to work in.
  • Creating something from nothing – The process of writing software starts from nothing. You have a need for software to be created, develop the idea on what cheap nba jerseys it should do, design it, and type #CampusDiaries instructions into the computer. Once it’s finished, it forms a program that can be executed to do the task you told it to do.
  • High demand – Companies are always looking for ways to improve and enhance стропил. their business processes. This is wholesale nfl jerseys often done in the form of software. Programmers and software developers are the people involved in this process, and as a result, there is a lot of demand.
KIET cheap nba jerseys has started ‘KIET #CampusDiaries CODERS’ forum to encourage and guide students who all are interested in coding.

To register for membership:

1. Sign up the form at http://bit.ly/webcoders.
2. Attempt online test (link will be ?? sent to your email shortly)
3. Get shortlisted for interview.
4. Get eligible cheap mlb jerseys for membership.

Members will Торжественное have the following privileges:

1. Work on DigitalKIET project.
2. Participate in coding events like Hackathons.
3. Get nominated for events like TEDtalks.

Registration for batch 1 closes on 29th Nov 2016.

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