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Fee Structure

FEE Structure

Established in the year 2001, KIET Group’s primary focus has always been on developing the Entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students. KIET Group’s spectacular growth can be attributed to the marvelous support and patronage extended by the students, parents, faculty, staff, advisors, mentors and other stakeholders of KIET Group. With a clear focus on women empowerment in technical education, Kakinada Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women (KIET-W) was started in the same 100 acres campus. With a view to cater to the educational needs of more number of students, a new institution Kakinada Institute of Engineering and Technology II (KIET-II) was started.

Fee structure for these institutes is as followed.

KIET     – Rs. 72,200
KIET+  – Rs. 48,600
KIETW – Rs. 44,900

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